Our Wide Range of
( Kraft Paper ) Grammages Makes Possible a Many Applications
  • Packaging of Consumer Durables
  • Household Products, Glass and Glassware
  • Fruits, Vegetables, Flowers, Foods & Beverages, Oil Packaging, Fast Food Carry Bags, Food Packaging Bags, Food bag, Bread, Pastry and Fruit Bags
  • Our Kraft Papers are suitable for Packaging and Bags in direct contact with Food.
  • Textile Products, Garment Packing Bags and Grocery Bags
  • Engineering Goods, Pharmaceutical Products, Ceramic Industries, Automobile Ancillaries, Industrial Packaging, Industrial Masking, as well as Laminating Base Paper. It is also suitable for PP / PE Coating. Made solely from Primary Fibres
  • Manufacturing of Cone Tubes, Core Pipes and Textile Yarn Tubes
  • Wrapping Purpose